To us, sustainability isn’t about switching products & checking the box. Sustainability is a practice, a lifestyle, and a slower way of life. We are here to provide plastic-free essentials, whether you’re traveling or at home, for an easier sustainable practice. Allowing you to bring your routines with you on your travels.

Meet our Founder, Kazmira

Kazmira has always had a love for sustainable living and travel. Over the last year, she has worked hard to connect with like-minded businesses, creators, and brands to curate what is now, Beyond the Haus.

Sustainability is a practice, not just a checkbox of products to buy so you “do your part.”

Everyone wants to do better, and everyone wants to travel. In fact, no one is going to ever stop traveling because they want to be more sustainable. Although the two may seem contradicting, Kazmira has set out a big goal to connect the two worlds, sustainable living + travel.