To us, sustainability isn’t about switching products & checking the box. Sustainability is a practice, a lifestyle, and a slower way of life. We are here to provide plastic-free essentials, whether you’re traveling or at home, for an easier sustainable practice. Allowing you to bring your routines with you on your travels.

Meet our Founder, Kazmira

Founder + Creative Director of Beyond the Haus

Beyond the Haus – a sustainable lifestyle brand rooted in slow living, education, and community to support your daily rituals. On her journey of creating sustainable routines, Kazmira recognized how overwhelming the practice of sustainable living can feel in a world focused on consumption. She has curated a shop of low-waste, mindful goods to help minimize your waste at home and on your travels. Beyond the Haus is committed to providing you with the tools and confidence to do more then just swap your products and authentically practice slow and sustainable living.