Beyond the Haus Collective

We are Beyond the Haus Collective, a group of like-minded individuals with a passion for living intentionally and practicing sustainability. We are here to provide brands the opportunity to work with our creators and over time make slow & sustainable living the social norm.

Are you a brand or a conscious creator? Join the collective.

Our creators are trusted by leading sustainable brands.

We believe that mindful, sustainable, transparent, & healthy products matter.

That’s why we choose to stand behind select businesses like you, to help you reach real audiences, and get your message out there where it matters most.

Make your online presence one of intention, empowerment, and sustainability with our creators by your side. 

Meet our Creators

  1. Aleah Eileen

  2. Chris Yonally

  3. Cody Hutchison

  4. Gabrielle Messina



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Our creators prioritize their health and overall wellness in everything, from the food they eat to the clothes they wear. We have creators that are certified dietitians, creating daily routines rooted in slow living, and everything in between.

We feel lucky to have such incredible mothers in our Collective that thrive sharing real stories and being vulnerable with their community. You may have seen our moms in ARQ, Summer and Storm, DYPER, and many in between. They are documenting their life in a slow, beautiful perspective that creates a loyal following.

Travel is what directly inspired Beyond the Haus, so of course we get to work with creators that are inspired by the landscapes of our Mother Earth. Our creators share tips and tricks to travel more sustainably, how to pack light, travel guides, and everything in between.

Our clothes come from our soil, and the Beyond the Haus Collective believes it shouldn’t be any other way. Our creators are always thrifting, sharing sustainable brands, and most importantly educating their followers on what slow fashion is!

We feel so lucky to learn from our eco-educators in the Collective. Whether it’s plastic pollution, oil drilling, consumption, climate action, and everything in between. Each of our creators have their focus of education in the overarching climate issue we are facing, to slowly but surely support and encourage their following in making the small changes!

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