• 100% Cotton Produce Saver

100% Cotton Produce Saver

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Keeps your produce fresh for weeks! Say goodbye to plastic bags and paper towels! This 100% Cotton Produce Saver Bags keep your fruit and veggies fresh for weeks.

Simply dampen, fill with your favorite fruit and veggies, place in the refrigerator and enjoy crisp produce. They are non-toxic and 100% compostable at the end of their life.
A simple, safer way to waste less!

1. Wash your Produce Saver prior to use with cold water. Lay flat to dry. The bag will shrink some. If you wash with warm water and tumble dry, expect even more shrinkage.

2. Dampen your Produce Saver slightly, and wring out any excess moisture.

3. Fill with your produce, close, and place in the refrigerator (preferably in the crisper drawer).

4. Check on produce every week and re-dampen bag as needed.

  • Brooklyn Made Natural
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