• Essential Oil Incense
  • Essential Oil Incense

Essential Oil Incense

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You have found your new favorite incense. Hand dipped in Nashville, Tennessee using 100% premium essential oils, Forestdale Incense brings to mind a cozy and calming campfire, perfect for all seasons. The vibes here are earthy and grounding, woodsy and gender-neutral. There is nothing sweet, perfumey, or artificial in our scent.

Still burning that blue box incense you discovered in college? That stuff is full of harsh and toxic chemicals! Upgrade to a sophisticated, all-natural aroma for your home.

Each stick burns approximately 45 minutes.

Zero synthetics. Zero fragrance oils. No phthalates. Cruelty free.

*Natural essential oil crystallization may occur as incense sticks dry and age. This does not negatively affect the scent in any way… in fact we think crystals enhance the aroma!

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