Getting Started in Sustainability

The road to sustainability is no clear path, so we're here to help lay down the groundwork. We've put together a list of our favorite plastic-free essentials for getting started on your sustainability journey. 

Here are some the essentials we love and use nearly every day at home or on our travels! 


Bamboo Cutlery Set

Our favorite cutlery set to minimize single use plastic. Keep it in your bag or car, in places you'll remember to reach for it! We especially love to use it when we're in the airport! 


Shampoo + Conditioner Bars

Millions of single use shampoo + conditioner bottles end up in the landfill every year. Meet your new favorite moisturizing Shampoo + Conditioner bars, that are the perfect zero-waste swap! 


Toothpaste Tablets

Ditch all the single-use tubes of toothpaste, with our favorite plastic-free replacement. Our toothpaste tablets are perfect for at home and on your travels! 


Swedish Dish Cloth

If there is one item on this list that is a must have in getting started in your sustainability journey, it's swedish dish cloths! Just one swedish dish cloth replaces 17 rolls of paper towel. They're perfect for cleaning and compostable when you're done with them! Sounds like a win win. 


Plastic-Free Safety Razor

2 billion plastic razors get thrown out every single year. You can lower your individual waste by switching to a plastic-free razor. Buy one and all you will have to do is buy new razor blades! 


Farmers Market Bag

The perfect bag to keep in your car for your next trip to the farmers market or grocery store. Skip the single use plastic bags and have this bag ready to go! 


These are just a handful of our favorite items! You can explore more of our plastic-free essentials by browsing through Our Favorite's.


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