How to Host a Sustainable Holiday Party

We decided to have a holiday party with 30 dear friends of Beyond the Haus, so we can share our go-to tips on how to have a low-waste holiday party. Today we’re going to walk you through everything we did to create a cozy, intimate, and festive holiday party while keeping it sustainable and good for the environment as well.



Wine gifted from Avaline

“Like most good stories, ours starts with a glass of wine” - Avaline Wine


01. Compost your food scraps

One of the best things when it comes to hosting parties or even making a cozy meal for yourself is to compost. So what’s the difference, can’t I just throw it into the garbage and have it break down the same? Simply put, no. Whenever you put your food scraps into the landfill it reacts with the other waste and creates a toxic runoff. When you place your food scraps in with other organic matter, the organisms essentially team up, break down, and regenerate into compost to help support soil health. Since our holiday dinner party was completely plant-based we had little to no food waste because everything got composted! If we all came together to compost year-round, together we’d create a more bountiful garden, better soil health around the world, and WAY less unnecessary trash in the landfills.



02. Glassware > Single-Use Plastic

When it comes to tablecloths, dinnerware, silverware, glasses, etc. ALWAYS opt for reusable. It may be more of an investment upfront, but in the long run, you will always save less when you have something you can reuse time and time again. Please do everyone a favor, and do NOT buy single-use plastic plates or plastic tablecloths. Instead, invest in a $30 linen tablecloth and napkins. Since we were hosting 30 people we had to get a little creative! The solution? Phone a friend, buy second-hand at places like Facebook Marketplace or your local thrift store. We were able to host our holiday party with 0 single-use plastic by using linen tablecloths/napkins, ceramic dinnerware (some borrowed), silverware, second-hand wine glasses, etc. Plus, feeling like your hosted an elevated dinner party is a major bonus!



03. Use Organic Decor

Nature at its finest. We opted to use 100% organic decor to lower the chance of excess waste and single-use items. That being said, we grabbed some pomegranates and artichokes from our local bodega, sprinkled some cranberries along the table, and called it good. There really is beauty in nature and food, and when it comes to holiday parties - to us less is more. Plus, we need to make sure there was enough room for the food! Let’s face it, no one wants to have to work around a sparkly tree in the middle of the table. Add in some of your favorite candles or candle sticks to give it a cozy touch, and maybe even sprinkle in your wine bottles or drink of choice!



04. Shopping + Attire

This is a simple tip but one we feel worthy of noting! Just because you’re going to THE holiday party of the year, doesn’t mean you need to purchase a new outfit to attend! Shop your closet, shop secondhand, or even rent! If you’re the host and in charge of shopping for food, source from your local farmers first (if possible), and we beg of you please do NOT use plastic bags at the grocery store. Instead, opt for paper bags or bring your own reusable ones. Simple mindset shifts like these can go a long way!


05. Eat + Drink Sustainably

As we previously mentioned in the tip about composting, this entire dinner was plant-based. Not only is it fun to mix up the recipes you’re trying, but this significantly helps lower your (and the party’s) food waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Try and source everything from a local farm if possible! The easiest way to go about that is by making meals around what’s in season + composting what’s left over!



We knew the contents of everything that went onto and into our bodies — why not wine?

(For those 21+) Our journey to answer this question led us to collaborate with Avaline — delicious, organically farmed wines full of natural goodness and free from unwanted and undisclosed extras. When we know what’s in our glass, we can let the wine work its undeniable magic: transforming meals, sparking love, and bringing us closer to those we care about.




Winemakers are legally required to disclose very little. There’s no obligation to tell you how the grapes are grown, or to list the 70+ additives used to alter the taste, color, and mouthfeel. With Avaline, you’ll never question what’s inside the bottle. A good time was had and bottles were emptied at our holiday party!

Avaline is also a part of EthicDrinks which produces their Red, Syrah, and Grenache Blanc Wines. EthicDrinks plants forests throughout France to offset their carbon footprint completely. The winery also partners with WWF France and Surfrider to protect biodiversity on land and in the ocean.

That’s wine we can get behind! A big thank you to Avaline for collaborating and gifting us wine!


We hope your next holiday party is just as beautiful as the last, but this time with a little (or a lot) less waste! To us, sustainability is a mindset shift and it will continuously become more familiar! If you have any questions or are looking for more guidance when it comes to sustainability, please reach out to

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